Horween - Chicago, IL USA

This post is long overdue considering I visited Horween last year, but I would still like to share some of the pictures and experiences from that trip. Horween is one of the oldest and greatest tanneries in the United States - they make a truly beautiful and unique product. I would say that roughly 90% of our leathers come from Horween and we have developed a good relationship with them over the years. The Horween products we use in our shoes include, Chromexcel, Chromepak, Calico suedes, and of course the incomparable Shell Cordovan. If you love Horween leathers then please feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss crafting you a pair of shoes from your choice of Horween leather.

3 thoughts on “Horween - Chicago, IL USA”

  • Jon

    While I write, I hope all too few read the words. Why?
    A large part of me hopes not too many people discover Rancourt. Then the family might yet again sell the jewel they have created. But my gut feeling says they won't, having done that too many times. A rare additional jewel is the family's art of design and construction. There are no other shoes comparable anywhere in the world in their niche. Please take my word, I have looked. A few complaints though: Horween offers a wealth of leathers. Kyle knows where to find them. So customers beware: your feet will be so happy they can't stand it.....

  • Josh

    Welcome back, man. Nice pix. Hope the new shop is coming along nicely!

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