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  • The Lactae Hevea Sole

    One of the most unique products that we offer on our shoes is the Lactae Hevea outsole, manufactured by Reltex in France. While they offer many patterns and styles of lactae hevea outsole, the raw material is the real star. Lactae heavea is the milk from the hevea tree, which is harvested by hand (see picture below). It is important to note that harvesting milk from the trees is a sustainable process, it does not damage or kill the trees. After harvesting, the milk is shipped to the Reltex plant where the liquid is poured by hand into outsole moulds. There are no machines or harsh manufacturing processes used, just the passage of time. The result is a 100% natural outsole that is lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable. Trust us, this will be the most comfortable pair of shoes you will own. We have one option available now and another coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you want to put a lactae hevea sole on any style of shoe in our shop.

  • Bourgeois Guitar Workshop - Lewiston, ME

    Yesterday we took a little field trip to Bourgeois guitars ( down the street here in Lewiston, ME. Located in a nondescript space of an old mill building (the town is filled with them as Lewiston was built by the textile mills), the level of craftsmanship lurking behind their walls is mind blowing. It is difficult to find a machine in their shop, most of the work is done by hand using rudimentary hand-tools. They source the absolute best materials in the world - select pieces of wood costing thousands of dollars apiece. Their guitars start at $3800 each and can cost as much as $30,000. With Rancourt & Co., Quoddy, and Bourgeois all located in the same small town of Lewiston, ME, I would venture to say that Lewiston is one of the great meccas of craftsmanship in the United States.

  • Rancourt and Taylor Stitch - San Francisco, CA

    It's been a while. I've been traveling, San Francisco last week, New York this week, my back is feeling it. We launched a made-to-order collaboration with my good friends at The Common in SF (same guys who own the Taylor Stitch brand). You can walk into the shop, pick your style, pick your leather, your outsole, and all other details, and we'll make the shoes for you in about three weeks. So if you are in the SF area, please go visit them at 383 Valencia Street in the Mission district. I wanted to share some pictures from the trip.

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