The Flint Kudu Suede Collection

Our Kudu Collection is crafted from the finest Kudu leather in the world. Kudu is a type of wild African Antelope, they are hunted as a means of population control as well as to feed local people. The Kudu leather is unparalleled in its softness. It has a luxurious hand that you have to feel to believe. The fiber of the Kudu leather is inherently strong, resulting in a piece of leather that is not only soft and flexible but tough and durable, the best of both worlds. Each pair is fully lined with black Casco leather lining from Horween.
Flint kudu cover
In this collection we are also introducing the new and improved trooper sole. We combine two leather midsoles, sandwich a triple leather wedge heel in between them, and finish the whole thing off with the Vibram mini-ripple sole. This sole is completely unique to Rancourt & Co. and provides unbelievable support for your feet.
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