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  • Fall 2012 Lookbook

    Introducing our Fall 2012 Lookbook. Which, consequently, is our inaugural lookbook. We will continue to provide these looks each season so you can get an idea of what the shoes look like out there in real life as opposed to the white backdrop studio shots. These photos were taken in and around Lewiston, ME at the beginning of October - we hope you enjoy. Photos by Tracey Twitchell Pray.

  • Introducing the Vintage Venetian by Rancourt & Co.

    This one was a long time in the making. About three years ago a friend brought a pair of venetian moccasin loafers to our attention - had had purchased them at an antique shop and they quickly became his favorite pair of shoes. We were hooked, we had to replicate these shoes, they were the perfect representation of our heritage.

    In the mid 1900's many craftspeople in Maine would create moccasin uppers in their home workshops for sale to friends and family - these moccasins were made from simple hand tools and/or simple machinery that was available to them. They would often use a branding device to etch the size on the outside of the plug.

    We began by re-creating the original vintage venetian in unlined Horween Brown Chromexcel leather with a single buffed leather outsole and heel for superior flexibility. These have been sold at Brooks Brothers for over a year now under the moniker "American Loafer." The next step was to update this vintage venetian by offering it in brighter colors and with leather lining. These new venetian loafers are just as comfortable as the original but with a slightly more refined look. Contact us if you have any questions.

  • Ranger-moc Green Shell Cordovan - Spotlight

    Every once in a while we like to spotlight a product that we use or make that we believe is special or unique and explains what makes it so. The Ranger-moc in green Shell cordovan is one of those really special products that we believe you should know more about.

    First, We'll start with the materials: We take two Genuine Horween natural unglazed shells and cut all of the pieces required for the pair of shoes. After cutting we hand-dye the shells using a process we've developed using specially formulated cordovan dyes. The dye is not pigmented, so it does not cover up the surface of the leather which can lead to a flat and dull look. The aniline dyes penetrate the shell and retain all of the beautiful characteristics we desire in shell cordovan. The outsole is a natural latex material called Lactae Hevea and is made by Reltex in France Click here for more info on Reltex soles

    Secondly, the construction of this pair, like most of our shoes, is genuine handsewn. Genuine Handsewn construction means that the vamp wraps completely underneath the foot and the top piece called the plug is joined with the vamp using an awl, two needles, and waxed threads to form the moccasin upper. The handsewer has the very important responsibility of shaping the shell cordovan to the last by hand, a difficult task since shell cordovan can be difficult to work with.

    Lastly, the hand-finishing of this pair is exceptional. After the handsewer's task of stitching and shaping the shoes is complete they are placed in a hot-air dryer for a couple of hours. This helps complete the process of shaping and fitting the leather to the last. As you can imagine, the hot air really takes the moisture and life out of the leather. So after they are removed from the dyer and have cooled, we apply a generous amount of leather balm to the shoes to moisturize the leather and then burnish the leather by hand to lock in the balm, smooth out the shell, and bring up the shine a bit. After the bottoms are in place, we apply another layer of balm and burnish again. Then we use a special brush polish and very soft polishing brush to bring up the shine.

    The finished product is a beautiful and unique pair of ranger-mocs with the comfort of a Reltex sole and the durability of Horween Shell Cordovan. This pair is engineered to last a lifetime. Available in black, color 8, Navy, and Tan (if you'd like to order a color other than green, just order the green on our website and make a note on your order to specify your color of choice).

  • Urban Daddy X Rancourt & Co.

    Beginning Monday, 5/14 Urban Daddy will be selling four exclusive styles of shoes that we designed especially for them. ( The sale will continue for two weeks, and after the two week period these shoes will not be available again, ever. As with all of our shoes, these will be Made to Order and will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. We are only releasing 20 pairs of each style so get them while you can.

    Photos courtesy of Urban Daddy

  • Hickorees x Rancourt & Co. Collaboration

    I met the brothers Corsillo at their Brooklyn retail shop Hickorees last fall. We thought it would be a great fit, Hickorees and Rancourt & Co. Our goal is to come up with some really unique and authentic footwear that you can't really find elsewhere. Here is the first fruit of our labor: Available exclusively at Hickorees

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