• Online Store is now open

    This week we finally launched our online shop, it was a long time coming. We will continue to add colors and patterns in the coming weeks but in the meantime, if there is something you want that you do not see please email me. Visit our shop here: https://www.rancourtandcompany.com/shop/

  • Store Update

    We go live with the store on Monday 7/18/2011 - still waiting to sort out some of the hang-ups. Sorry to all for the delay. Here is a sample of what is to come:

  • Online Store

    I took a short break to make this post - I am currently working on the online store. I hope to complete it and open it by the end of next week. Please check back then. As always, if you want to order something please contact me directly until the store opens.



  • What I've been wearing

    I just got back today from a six day visit to the Midwest. First to visit my old college town of Milwaukee and then to Red Wing, MN to visit our customer, Red Wing Shoe, and one of our main leather suppliers, SB Foot Tanning. I made myself two pairs of boat shoes before I left to celebrate the summer, and I very much enjoyed wearing them on my trip. They were the only two pairs of shoes I brought. Even considering all the walking and standing I did, I had no problem - the beauty of a handsewn - no "breaking in" period.

    #1 - Navy Boat shoe, Horween leather, white eyelets, white laces. Very nautical

    #2 - Sage/Grey boat shoe, Sage Mohave leather (suede) from SB foot, gunmetal eyelets, grey laces. It's actually more grey than it looks in this picture, with a slight hint of green. Very versatile color.

    Our boat shoes as seen here are $215. If you don't like my color choices, feel free to choose your leather color, laces, eyelets, threads, etc. Email me at krancourt@rancourtshoes.com to place an order.

  • Horween - Chicago, IL USA

    This post is long overdue considering I visited Horween last year, but I would still like to share some of the pictures and experiences from that trip. Horween is one of the oldest and greatest tanneries in the United States - they make a truly beautiful and unique product. I would say that roughly 90% of our leathers come from Horween and we have developed a good relationship with them over the years. The Horween products we use in our shoes include, Chromexcel, Chromepak, Calico suedes, and of course the incomparable Shell Cordovan. If you love Horween leathers then please feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss crafting you a pair of shoes from your choice of Horween leather.

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