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Dirigo Ranger Moc - Ruffian Safari

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Our philosophy at Rancourt & Co. has always been to offer the best products at the best value. We strive to find a balance between high quality and economical materials as well as superior craftsmanship versus efficiency. The Dirigo Collection embodies that balance. We’ve utilized shoemaking techniques that take advantage of efficiencies in our process to provide the best value to our customers. The leather and soles in the Dirigo Ranger Mocs are overstock which gives us the opportunity to provide them to you at the best possible price. Quantities are limited, all shoes are Made in Maine, USA
  • In Stock / Ready to ship
  • Unlined Safari Ruffian - heavyweight cowhide
  • Reltex Lactae Hevea Ranger outsoles in dark brown
  • Chestnut leather laces
  • Antique brass eyelets
  • Genuine Handsewn Moccasin construction
  • Made in Maine, USA