In Order to receive two pair of Rancourt & Co. fit test shoes, you must agree to the following terms:

Important note: The Made to Fit (MTF) Coupon can be used on Custom Orders only. If you plan to order from our Ready Made Collection, please measure your feet with our sizing guide and place your order for that size. If you have any questions, please contact us at 855-999-3544.

  1. Please select two different sizes to try, we recommend using past experience and our online sizing guide to help determine which sizes you should request. Ex. size 9D and 9.5D, or size 9D and 9E. (Note: we will only ship our special MTF sample shoes as pictured. We will not ship a style of your choosing.)
  2. Provide your credit card number as indemnity.
  3. You will be charged $50 to cover shipping and processing costs. In addition, a Coupon Code will be included in the package for $50 off of your next Custom order. The Coupon Code can only be used on Custom Orders.
  4. We will ship the two pairs of shoes you selected within one business day by FedEx ground, given that the sizes selected are available. If the sizes are unavailable you may have to wait up to one week before we ship the shoes.
  5. When you receive the shoes, you agree to try them on indoors, on a carpeted surface and ship them back to us within 48 hours. If you do not ship them back to us within 48 hours we will charge your credit card for the full retail value of the shoes, $250.
    1. Note: we will be notified by email when you drop-off your package at a FedEx location, if this happens within 48 hours you will not be charged. However, if you are charged due to a late-return, you will be fully refunded when we receive the shoes in good condition.
    2. Please do not wear the shoes outdoors or on rough surfaces. If we receive the shoes and find that they are in worse condition then when you took possession of them, you will be charged a replacement / reconditioning fee of $125.
    3. Since all of our handsewn shoe styles are engineered to fit similarly, you should order the size and width that best fit you in the MTF shoes in ALL Rancourt & Co. handsewn shoes. We understand that lace-up shoes like boat shoes and ranger-mocs will fit differently than a MTF loafer, but we are confident that you should order the same size and width as the shoes that you tested.
  6. Included in the package will be a prepaid FedEx Ground return label. When you are finished trying the shoes, please replace them in the original packaging and adhere the return label to the box. You can drop the package off at any shipping location that accepts prepaid FedEx packages. We recommend FedEx Office.
  7. When we receive the shoes in good condition, your credit card number will be destroyed and we will notify you via email that we have received the shoes.
  8. If you decide that you would like to try additional sizes you will be responsible for paying for shipping charges both ways which costs approximately $25. We do not include additional rounds of fit testing in our MTF program. please contact us to order the second round of Made to Fit shoes. DO NOT USE YOUR COUPON CODE TO ORDER ONLINE. We will not issue another $50 gift certificate if you decide to try another round of sizes.
  9. Please keep in mind that fit varies based on numerous factors. These include: the style of shoe, the type of leather that the shoes are made from, the type of sole on the shoes, the time of day when you are trying, the type of socks you're wearing or if you try with bare feet. We cannot promise that the shoes you order will fit exactly like the MTF shoes but we are confident that the size and width that fit you best in the MTF shoes will serve you well in all of our handsewn collection.
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