Rancourt & Co. Shoecrafters

History of the shoemaking family:

Rancourt & Co. is a company with the knowledge and experience of three generations of shoemaking in Maine. Since 1964 the Rancourts have been making traditional moccasins, the same way moccasins have been constructed for over a hundred years. Although moccasins have evolved from soft, leather bottoms to more durable constructions, the practice of hand fitting leather to a shoe form, called a last, remains the same as it has been for generations.

Our shoemakers, some with four decades of hand-sewing experience, are skilled in shaping and fitting the leather to the last with simple tools such as pinchers, used to pull the leather, and also for carefully tacking the leather pieces in place. Once this is completed the hand-sewer then begins the process of hand-stitching the leather pieces with waxed threads and needles to create the moccasin upper. Throughout the ages this method of shoemaking has been described as one of the most comfortable and flexible construction types used in shoemaking. It has withstood the test of time and is not only recognized around the world for its comfort but also as uniquely American.

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