The American Driving Moc Collection

Ran Heros 8_11_1513365 The driving moc, iconic footwear that has become synonymous with New England prep and Italian Sprezzatura. The driving shoe market has largely been dominated by Italian makers due to a distinct lack of a true American driving moc... until now. Our driving mocs are genuine handsewn moccasin construction with a twist. The rubber dot sole is built into the shoe, sandwiched between the vamp and the leather lining. What this means is a lightweight, flexible, comfortable shoe that gives you great pedal feel when driving and a spring in your step when kicking around town. Explore our American Driving Moc Collection. _TMC9053 edit _TMC9051_TMC9140 _TMC9165 _TMC9003 _TMC9024_TMC8992_TMC9094_TMC8882 _TMC9194 _TMC9206 _TMC9251 Ran 8_11_15 213250 3 Ran 8_11_15 213194