Huckberry X David Coggins

David Coggins has covered everything from redfish to road trips for the Journal, but for his latest collaboration with Rancourt, the limited-edition Sawtooth Shoe, we sent him to the country around Ketchum, ID, once home to Ernest Hemingway himself. You won't be surprised that David caught some fish, but he also turned up a few must-visit spots in the shadow of the Sawtooth range.

David Coggins in Idaho

Some places speak to you. The landscape and the light feel just right, and when you wake up you’re in a good mood. They may photograph well, but they’re even better in person. If you’re getting greedy then you might ask for good fly fishing and a place to drink afterward. That’s Ketchum, ID, all the way up the Sawtooth Valley to Stanley and south to Picabo. This is good country. When I first visited nearly two decades ago, I was completely transfixed. I’m not the first person who’s felt that way... Read More on