Introducing the Day Bag and Kinsey Briefcase - Made in USA

640x480 home page Part of offering great products is finding great partners. Dustin Spencer of Vermilyea Pelle is one of our great partners. We've partnered in footwear and leather goods collaborations over the years but this is truly our best collaboration yet. The 15" Kinsey Briefcase is crafted inside and out from Horween Leather and comes in three beautiful colors. This is truly an heirloom quality piece that will only get better with age. The Day Bag is crafted from 18.5oz. Duck Canvas and trimmed with Horween Chromexcel. This is the consummate tote bag. We've paid the closest attention to detail here, lining the bottom with Horween's casco horsehide, using solid brass hardware, lined chromexcel strapwork, and a solid brass YKK zipper. ranbagsilos11_6_150650 ranbags redo 116151107 ranbags redo 116151057 1 - 1 (1) ranbagsilos11_6_150451 ranbagsilos11_6_150577 ranbagsilos11_6_150615 ranbagsilos11_6_150807 ranbagsilos11_6_150980