New Color 8 Belts Available in our Online Shop

We are now offering two new belts, color 8 chromexcel and color 8 shell cordovan, both are lined and have nickel plated brass roller buckles. Keep in mind that if you plan to buy the shell cordovan belt, they are made to order and it will take about three weeks. Also, shells are very small so we have to splice them to make the belt, therefore there is a seam in the middle. We can also make belts in black, navy, green, and tan (saddle) shell - you can order the color 8 belt but specify in the notes section which color you'd prefer.

lining of color 8 chromexcel belt

Color 8 Chromexcel belt, 1.5" wide

lining of color 8 shell cordovan belt, MADE IN USA

Genuine Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan belt

Color 8 Shell cordovan belt, 1.25" wide