Rancourt & Co. x Smith's Leather Balm

Here in Maine we make things by hand because it's the best way to control quality and consistency. It's important to us to support others in our community who share our values, thus it was natural to bring Smith’s Leather Balm into our store.

Smith's Leather Balm started from an idea when Shane Smith’s wife, Mandy, was reading the label of his leather conditioner. Concerned with the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals in it she came to realize it would be best to stay away from the product altogether because of what it could do to you, never mind your shoes. After seeing this, they realized how important it was to make their recipe as simple as possible. So, they got to work on what we now know as Smith’s Leather Balm. They went so far as only using three ingredients:

Smith's Leather Balm Ingredients
  • 100% organic cocoa butter
  • 100% organic beeswax
  • 100% pure almond oil  

When combined, these ingredients offer an all-natural balm that preserves (the cocoa butter), waterproofs (the beeswax), and conditions leather (the almond oil), while being much safer than the alternatives. Together they make your leather goods supple and soft and give them extra durability for longer wear. 

 Smith’s and Rancourt & Co. both make products by hand for the same purpose-- quality and longevity. Maine is the best state to test this principle because of its environmental diversity of thick woods, rocky coastline and unpredictable weather. This is how we put both of our products to the test and why making it at home is so important to us. 

Check out the video below for a better look on how to apply this balm to your Rancourt shoes at home. And find our selection of the best leather care products here.


- Matthew Gondek