Spring Footwear Essentials Part 2

Read Boat Shoe

Read Boat Shoe Natural Chromexcel

The iconic and uniquely American boat shoe embodies coastal spring/summer style. The utility, versatility, and comfort of our Read Boat Shoe make it one of our top picks for spring essentials. The outsole is siped, meaning it has grooves cut into the sole that provide grip on wet surfaces. The grooves separate when you step down and squeeze the ground to make sure slipping is not an option; a good quality for a shoe made for the deck of a boat. Paired with Horween’s water resistant Chromexcel, this is the perfect option for someone who likes spending the warmer months by the water.  

Gilman Camp-moc

Gilman Camp Moc Carolina Brown Chromexcel

The camp-moc is a style we have been perfecting for the spring and summer weather for over 50 years. The Gilman Camp-moc combines the ease of a slip-on shoe with the aesthetic of a lace-up that’s extremely comfortable and starts to mold to your feet from the first wear. It’s made from Chromexcel leather and our signature Made in USA camp-moc soles that can take a beating. We craft this style with some of the best materials in the world which just so happens to be made in USA from top to bottom.

Beefroll Penny Loafer

Beefroll Penny Loafer Natural Chromexcel

This American classic is by far our most popular loafer. The Beefroll Penny Loafer gets its name from the stitch attaching the saddle to the vamp. it resembles the look of twine a butcher would wrap around a piece of meat, hence the name ‘beefroll’. If you are going to choose one loafer to pick up this season, we highly recommend this one. It’s unlined, giving it extra flexibility and breathability for the warmer weather and the leather outsole is oil-treated for water-resistance and durability. If you slip these loafers on this spring you won’t regret it.

- Matthew Gondek