The Sounds Of Handsewing

Our factory is a noisy place; Exhaust fans, air compressors, and shoemaking machines are all loud and unpleasant sounding. During the workday the cacophony of machines drowns out the more subtle and pleasing sounds of shoemaking. However, in the quiet moments, it's easy to recognize how satisfying and pleasant the sounds of shoemaking can be. Last week, we took some time at the end of the day, when the factory was quiet and mostly empty, to document the process of handsewing a Beefroll Penny Loafer.

While not perfect (the white noise you'll hear is the cooling fan of a studio light), the sounds of handsewing are much easier to hear and appreciate in this video. Tacks falling on the workbench, scissors slicing through leather, and waxed thread being pulled through seams are all satisfyingly audible. I think we can all appreciate that the process of making a pair of leather shoes by hand is beautiful to watch and to hear. We hope you enjoy.