The Wonders of Patina

With the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome underway we were inspired to share this beautifully well-worn pair of Harrison Boots in Horween Natural Essex. These came back to us for a re-sole and we impressed by how great they look after approximately two years of wear. Essex is a vegetable tanned leather that Horween created specifically to develop a rich patina over time. Patina comes from the natural darkening of leather over time; whether it's from the elements (heat, moisture, sun, etc.) or from natural "burnishing" of the leather while it's being worn and handled. Patina gives each pair of shoes or boots a unique look specific to the owner. Like your fingerprint, no one will have the same patina on their boots as you do. Below is a gallery of some really well-worn Rancourt shoes with beautiful patina.

Harrison Boot - Natural Essex

Harrison boot patina
Baxter Ranger-moc
Blake Boot - custom order onlyBlake boot patina