Video: Premium Refubishing of Read Boat Shoes

The real value in a pair of our shoes is the ability to repair and refurbish them over and over so that your initial investment can potentially last decades. Almost every part of our shoes can be repaired or replaced. When you wear out the soles we can remove the old ones and replace them with new ones. With our Premium Refurbish service we will replace the laces, sock liners, and soles while also cleaning and refinishing the uppers. If you have any broken stitches or seams, like in the video below, we will repair those as well. The result is a "like new" pair of shoes that fits like a glove. Not to mention reducing waste as one less pair of shoes goes into a landfill. The video below follows each step of the process as we perform a premium refurbish on a particularly rough pair of Read Boat Shoes. While the video is a bit long the payoff is worth it because the transformation of these shoes at the end is pretty spectacular.