Leather Sole / Natural, Leather Sole / Brown, Leather Sole / Black, Montello Mini-lug / Natural, Montello Mini-lug / Brown, Montello Mini-lug / Black, Reltex Crepe Natural / Natural, Reltex Crepe Natural / Brown, Reltex Crepe Natural / Black, Reltex Crepe Black / Natural, Reltex Crepe Black / Brown, Reltex Crepe Black / Black, Montello Tempest / Natural, Montello Tempest / Brown, Montello Tempest / Black, Reltex Ranger Brown / Natural, Reltex Ranger Brown / Brown, Reltex Ranger Brown / Black, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Honey / Natural, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Honey / Brown, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Honey / Black, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Black / Natural, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Black / Brown, Vibram #232 Mini-Lug Black / Black, Vibram #4014 Cristy Black / Natural, Vibram #4014 Cristy Black / Brown, Vibram #4014 Cristy Black / Black, Vibram #4014 Cristy Natural / Natural, Vibram #4014 Cristy Natural / Brown, Vibram #4014 Cristy Natural / Black, Reltex Aspen Natural / Natural, Reltex Aspen Natural / Brown, Reltex Aspen Natural / Black, Reltex Aspen Smoke / Natural, Reltex Aspen Smoke / Brown, Reltex Aspen Smoke / Black, Camp-moc Black / N/A, Camp-moc Dark Brown / N/A, Camp-moc Honey / N/A, Camp-moc Brick Red / N/A, Boat Sole White / N/A, Boat Sole Honey / N/A, Reltex Shaker Black / Natural, Reltex Shaker Black / Brown, Reltex Shaker Black / Black, Reltex Cricket Natural / Natural, Reltex Cricket Natural / Brown, Reltex Cricket Natural / Black, Reltex Cricket Black / Natural, Reltex Cricket Black / Brown, Reltex Cricket Black / Black, Reltex Country Natural / Natural, Reltex Country Natural / Brown, Reltex Country Natural / Black, Vibram 430 Black logo heel / Natural, Vibram 430 Black logo heel / Brown, Vibram 430 Black logo heel / Black, Vibram 430 Black mini-lug heel / Natural, Vibram 430 Black mini-lug heel / Brown, Vibram 430 Black mini-lug heel / Black, Reltex Rally Natural / Natural, Reltex Rally Natural / Brown, Reltex Rally Natural / Black, Reltex Rally Black / Natural, Reltex Rally Black / Brown, Reltex Rally Black / Black, Reltex Rally Off-White / Natural, Reltex Rally Off-White / Brown, Reltex Rally Off-White / Black, Meramec Caliber Honey / Natural, Meramec Caliber Honey / Brown, Meramec Caliber Honey / Black, Camp-moc Malt / N/A,

Premium Refurbish

Free Shipping & Returns in the Contiguous U.S. (Lower 48)
Our Premium Refurbishing package includes re-soling your Rancourt & Co. shoes with any sole of your choosing, replacement of laces, replacement of sockliners and complete reconditioning of the uppers. It doesn't get much better than this. Your shoes will come back looking almost new.


**When we receive and process your order we will email a FedEx return label to you to return the pair(s) of shoes to us - FOR DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please ship the shoes back to us with a note in the package referencing your name and order number.
  • Replace soles & heels (if applicable)
  • Clean & polish uppers
  • Replace laces
  • Replace sock liners