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Brush - Armstrong's Brass Suede brush

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"There is a notorious rumor circulating that suede is difficult to take care of and keep clean. Well, we are here to bust that myth. It's simply not true. If you use a suede brush, a rubber eraser, and a pair of cedar shoe trees you should have no problems maintaining the quality of your suede footwear. The first line of defense is a quality suede brush, by brushing the nap of the suede gently with a brass bristled brush, you can remove most dirt and grime and restore the look of the suede.

From the manufacturer:
"For cleaning and revitalizing suede and nubuck, try our Premium Brass Brush. The Natural wood handle allows for easy gripping, while the brass bristles are thin and soft, yet collectively abrasive enough to clean up and refresh the suede nap of your shoes, boots, etc.""
  • Brass bristled brush
  • Use for suede only
  • Wooden handle
  • Made in USA