Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Belt snapshots

    As requested on Reddit, here are some snapshots of our belts to show more of the details. The belts in this post are our 1.5" wide versions, but our calfskin and shell cordovan belts come in 1.25" only. The buckles are different on the calfskin belts, but all of the tips are the same shape.




  • Shoe Repair

    This is a nice story and beautiful video about the people on the other end of our trade, cobblers.

  • New for Spring 2013

    here is a quick look at some new items we've released for early spring. There will be more to follow plus a Spring lookbook.

    We fleshed out our belt collection by adding a full line-up of Ready Made shell cordovan and calfskin belts. The shell cordovan belts are exactly what you'd expect, unique, durable, and versatile. The calfskin belts are a bit more sophisticated than our chromexcel belt collection and work great as a dressier option.

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